Composition Assignment #1: Guidelines

Composition Assignment #1 is about hunting. We went into a discussion on the topic by looking at these questions:

  1. What are your views on hunting?
  2. Do you see hunting as a sport or not?
  3. Should Man only hunt for food?
  4. Should all animals be hunted for food?
  5. Do you believe an animal suffers when hunted?  Why or why not?
  6. How would you feel if you were the hunted person? Would you feel fear? anger? confusion?
  7. How would you change animals being hunted?
  8. Would  you be grateful for the sacrifice the animal made?
  9. Should hunting be limited to certain times of the year?
  10. How can an animal be killed mercifully?

Questions 7 , 8 and 9 were added by the group.  I added the last one which was not mentioned in the discussion.

I will use this Criteria for evaluating Composition Assignment #1 on the topic of Hunting.

The composition should be submitted on or before September the 5th at the latest. After that it’s tardy. ~~LMM

Hunting image


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