First Trimester 2014-2015: Test on Unit I

Things to review for your first test of the semester:

  1. Parts of speech (refer to the exercises we did in class);
  2. Vocabulary in context (from the selections assigned for this test and the selection to be read during the test);
  3. Application of the elements of the short story to a selection to be read during the test;
  4. Point of view.

To help you have a better understanding of the selection “The Scarlet Ibis,” check out this brief summary I found on YouTube:


Should you need some bonus points for the test, the following questions may be answered in the form of a brief composition.   You may answer the questions in your notebook ahead of time and the day of the test just organize the answers and write your composition in the section provided. Maximum points for this bonus is five (5).


  1. Do you know someone with a physical disability?
  2. How have you felt towards him? Have you helped him in any special way?
  3. How has that person handled his inability to perform daily tasks?
  4. If you were to have some kind of physical inability to do something, how would you like to be treated?
  5. Do you believe that all persons with physical inabilities are treated fairly in our society? Why or why not?

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