Assessment: Journal Entries for 10-3

Students from Group 10-3:

We will close the first trimester with 2 journal entries.  If you have not submitted your work by now, you should do so on or before Tuesday, October 14th.

In case you “misplaced” your guide questions, here they are:

Unit I: Can progress be made without conflict?

Journal Entry #1

Watch the following video:

Instructions:  Write a brief composition (9-10 sentences in length) using the following questions as a guide:

What conflicts do soldiers face?

What questions would they ask themselves when faced with conflicts?

What conflicts do their families face?

How could you relate to these conflicts?

Can progress be made without conflict? Explain your answer.

Journal Entry #2

(Instructions are the same as for Journal Entry #1.)

If you were given the chance to possess the monkey’s paw, what three wishes would you ask for? What consequences may result from those wishes?

What do people usually wish for?

If you were to design a wish-granting object, what would it be? What rules would you make for wishing and the wishes themselves? Would you include a warning label if the wish had negative consequences? What would the label state?

Do you believe that people are naturally superstitious? Why or why not? Explain.



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