Group 10-3: Some changes in the evaluation plan for the 2nd trimester


I’m making some slight changes in the evaluation plan for this second trimester.  As I informed you in the previous class, you’ll be taking another test next Thursday (November 20th). This test will help me determine what reading and grammar skills you have mastered so far. Hopefully, it should help your grade average.

Also, I have added another work to the Assignment criterion. The exercise you did on the active and passive voice using the song is Assignment #3 (value: 15 points).

The work done in the past days related to Composition #1 will be titled Composition #1: Draft Activities. This has a value of 20 points: 10 points for the work done on the individual paragraphs (see Essay format for Composition #1), 5 points for the  Brainstorming Chart and 5 points for the illustration (see Graph paper for illustrating favorite room ). Those who have not completed these activities will have an opportunity to do so and should hand in the completed work by Monday November 17th.  The final draft will be submitted on or before that same day through your Google Drive. This Composition Assignment is worth 35 points.  All points accumulated so far have been posted on Grades Garden.

A note on grammar:

Still not clear on the active voice and the passive voice? You may want to check out this site for tips on the difference between the two. Grammar/active-voice-versus-passive-voice

Take advantage of this holiday to catch up on any schoolwork!  ~~LMM

Ella Wheeler Wilcox 132676



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