English group 9-1: About Test #1 Third Trimester 2014-2015


The test has the following 3 parts:

Part I: Poetry Collection 3

Some questions to keep in mind:

How does the speaker feel about the motorcycle in “Fifteen”?

In “Twister Hits Houston,” what are Mama and Papa doing when the cyclone hits?

What is the mood or atmosphere in “The Raven”?

How does the setting of “The Raven”relate to the mood?

Part II; Vocabulary and Grammar

Vocabulary for this collection: pallor, writhing, preceded, demure, pondered, beguiling, respite.

Grammar: General usage including appositive and absolute phrases

Part III. Lyrics to a song 

Remember to print out the lyrics to a song that you like. It must be appropriate for all audiences. Five items should be highlighted in color: 2 examples of figurative language and 3 examples of appositives or absolute phrases. This can be handed in on Monday during class or no later than Friday, February 6th. It has a point value of 10.

Parts I & II will be sent via Pearson Realize. The entire test is worth 60 points. ~~LMM

The Raven



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