Unit 4: Elements of Drama: English 10

The Big Question for Unit 4: To what extent does experience determine what we perceive?

Depending on our individual experiences  we will see issues and events differently. That was part of Composition Assignment #2 which you will later revise to re-write as an essay (Composition Assignment #3). During this draft activity, you compared viewpoints of different generations. You realized that your parents and grandparents have different thoughts on a particular topic. And that your opinion is different from theirs. Right?

Before going into the discussion of the elements of drama, I want you to go over the Academic Vocabulary on page 517 of your e-text. You should familiarize yourself with words such as, anticipate or perspective.

For Friday’s class (February 6, 2015), you should also have some knowledge of the following terms related to drama:

Note: Some should already be familiar to you from the study of the elements of the short story and other English classes you have taken earlier.

  1. drama
  2. plot
  3. climax
  4. resolution
  5. dramatic effect
  6. playwright
  7. theme
  8. script
  9. acts
  10. scenes
  11. dialogue
  12. stage directions
  13. dramatic forms: tragedy and comedy
  14. dramatic structures
  15. dramatic dialogues
  16. dramatic speeches: monologue, soliloquy, aside
  17. conflict: external and internal
  18. protagonist
  19. antagonist
  20. motivation
  21. complex characters: round, dynamic
  22. limited characters: flat, static
  23. characterization: direct, indirect

The above material will be found on pages 532-535 of the e-text. Here’s a pdf file you may also download and print to bring to class: Elements of Drama Pearson Realize Grade 10. ~~LMM


theater masks


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