English 10: Assessments #4 & #5


Next week you should be prepared to read a scene from the play to the rest of the class. Select at least 25 lines. You may either read it by yourself or have someone read with you. I will check for correct pronunciation and intonation. You should read the lines in such a way as to convey that you understand their meaning. Props may be used to add realism to the scene. This is Assessment #4.

Assessment #5 is the collage you will prepare in class. For Friday February 27th you should bring in the following materials in a paper bag or box:

1. A small blank poster board, or 2 letter-size pages or a slightly used file folder;

2.At least 5 images related to what we read during this trimester;

3. Adhesive tape or white glue;

4. Coloring pencils or crayons.

The collage should be finished by Thursday March 5th. This collage can help you get ideas for Composition #4 which is a reflection on the topics covered this trimester. ~~LMM

Collage 1


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