Group 10-3: For week of March 23-27


This week we will continue with the slideshow presentations using Google Slides. Remember to print your copy of the presentation (3-4 slides per page). It’s part of the evaluative criteria.

We’ll also continue with the selection “Prometheus and the First People.”  Bring in the copy of the text which I handed out during the last class. Test #1 for this final trimester will be on this selection. I’ve changed the date for this test to April 10th which falls on the Friday we get back from Easter break.

On Thursday, March 26th, I’ll quiz you on the Greek mythology figures. This will be Quiz #2 for the 4th trimester. Besides the 12 Olympian gods (check e-Text page 796 for these), you should be familiar with other Greek gods and figures. See the following list. (Hope you do better on this quiz. The results for Quiz #1 were not the best!)

Hades – god of the underworld

Dionysus – god of wine and revelry

Helios – sun god

Uranus – sky god

Gaea – earth goddess and mother of the Titans and Cyclopes

Cronus – Titan who ruled the universe before his son Zeus dethroned him

Rhea – wife of Cronus and mother of Zeus

Cyclops – any one of the three Titans who forged thunderbolts for Zeus

The Fates – three goddesses who wove threads of each person’s life

The Muses – nine goddesses who presided over the arts and sciences

See you in class! ~~LMM

Greek gods



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