Reading Selection for 10-3



Here’s the selection we will be reading for the last days of the 4th trimester:

from Sundiata An Epic of Old Mali

Begin reading the selection and come prepared to answer the question: Why is Mari Djata’s childhood difficult?

Keep in mind that although you can download the text to your portable device, only the printout will be accepted during the test which is programmed for May 12th (tentative date).

In the last class, I gave you a yellow handout with the list of the characters from the selection.  Here is the list again, just in case. ~~LMM

Characters in Sundiata

Balla Fasséké: Griot and counselor of Sundiata

Boukari: Son of the king and Namandjé, one of his wives; also called Manding Boukari

Dankaran Touman: Son of the king and his first wife, Sassouma, who is also called Sassouma Bérété

Djamarou: Daughter of Sogolon and the king; sister of Sundiata and Kolonkan

Farakourou: Master of the forges

Gnankouman Doua: The king’s griot; also called, simply, Doua

Kolonkan: Sundiata’s eldest sister

Namandjé: One of the king’s wives

Naré Maghan: Sundiata’s father; the king of Mali before Sundiata

Nounfaïri: Soothsayer and smith; father of Farakourou

Sassouma Bérété: The king’s first wife

Sogolon: Sundiata’s mother; also called Sogolon Kedjou

Sundiata: Legendary king of Mali; referred to as Djata and Sogolon Djata (“son of Sogolon”), and Mari Djata.


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