Group 9-1: Test #2 and Related Content


Because of the time constraints, I’ve made some adjustments for next week. They are as follows:

  1. I’m sending you handouts on the grammar conventions for this part of the Odyssey. The first one is from page 826 of the e-text. Come prepared to discuss it on Tuesday, May 12th. You do not have to print it out but you should have your answers in the notebook. Just do Practice A and Practice B, not the Applications.  The other grammar handout should be printed out because the Writing Application is a bonus for the test. Handout 1: English 9 Conventions Complex and Compound-Complex Sentences Pearson Realize e-Text page 826 & Handout 2: Lit15 grade 9 unit 5 Homer’s Odyssey Part 2 CONVENTIONS Complex and Compound-Complex Sentences.
  2. As for the test, I’ve included it here so you may begin working on it. You do not have to print it out. I will print it out for you so that on Tuesday you may complete it in class. If you work on it at home, all you have to do is fill out the Scantron answer sheet in class. You may write your answers on your copy of the selection. You will not use your notebooks or electronic devices during the test. Test #2: Fourth Trimester Test #2 for 9-1 from The Odyssey Part 2

Feel free to write me if you have any questions. ~~LMM



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