Bring in the new school year!

This year promises to be an exciting one regarding the new elective course on Movies and Films.  When I was an assistant professor at the University of Puerto Rico at the Río Piedras Campus I had the opportunity to aid one of the literature professors who offered a course in film as literature.  It was a wonderful experience and one I will have the chance to offer here in my “second home.” It will be a lighter course in which my students will be exposed to different film genres. The idea is to reinforce English language arts skills through the viewing of films. Naturally, these will be age-appropriate.  I know most students are exposed to strong film content but my goal is to help them distinguish between what is a “good” film versus a ‘bad” one.  What we consider a film with core values –one in which a moral message is sent–should be one in which the viewer comes away with food for thought.

Here’s hoping the new school year is a productive one for all! ~~LMM

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