E-Mail addresses, posts and general documents

Mrs. Molina's English Class on Google Plus


I will be sending you an e-mail with the addresses you gave me on the first day of class. If you don’t receive it that means I did not understand the address.

I have a Google Plus page related to the class. I will also be posting items there related to the course or to school in general. Check it out: Mrs. Molina’s English Class Google Plus You need to join Google Plus if you want to follow my page. If you already have a Gmail account the process is easy. All you have to do is sign in to your account.

I admit that I am a big fan of Google. It has advantages over Yahoo and Windows Live. I have various accounts besides those 3 but I prefer Google.  Google has a variety of Apps that include Maps, Home & Office (Gmail, Google Drive are included here), Social (Google+, Blogger, Groups and Hangouts) and a few others.  And just in case you’re wondering, I am NOT employed by the Google Corporation nor do I get a commission for promoting their products!

Regarding the Social App, I like the fact that I can create circles of people with whom I want to share posts. I have already created the Movies and Films Course 2015-2016 circle. Some of you have joined it and will be able to keep in touch with content related to the course.

Before Friday August 21, I will post the Evaluation Plan for the course, as well as the syllabus. In order to finish that I need your input on the types of films that interest you. Remember to comment on the post Movies and Films: Video Clips. Some of you inadvertently commented on the Welcome Page . A note here: I will remove them later.

Make sure you follow this blog so you get the latest posts. ~~LMM



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