The “eye of the beholder”


The movies we’ve watched so far have emphasized how we view things, right? As small people or big people we see things differently. People with vivid imaginations create scenes with their minds. A person may try to see life through the eyes of an animal. An alien form may be affected by how humans act.

Has anything ever happened in your life that has made you see things in a whole new light? What occurred? Was it something big or minor? Of the four movies, which impacted you the most? Why?  Did it make you reflect on your behavior towards others? Did your perspective change? ~~LMM



16 thoughts on “The “eye of the beholder”

  1. Yes. I gave an elderly woman advice because she said she wanted to die. After I talked to her she did not want to die. My own words(my advice) made me realize that everyone has a purpose. It was something big.

    Bridge to Terabithia impacted me the most because it lets you see that you need to value the time you spend with others. Yes. My perspective did change a bit.

  2. Javier A.

    No, I have always seen everything with the same light.The movie that impacted me the most was Brother Bear, the reason being that Kenai gave up his human life to be with Koda. Kenai left everything behind because he felt bad about killing Koda’s mother. Yes, my perspective of other people changed because when people do wrong things they try to fix it. Yes, my perspective changed now I know people will do anything to fix their bad choices.

  3. For me the four films we saw were great teaching and I did occasionally see another point of view. There is something we want to win the world regardless of what happens to our neighbor and it should not be so.

  4. No nothing has happened in my life that has changed the way I see things but I’m sure that one day something will happen that will change me. From the movies the most that impacted me was “Bridge to Therabethia” in the way that its not bad to be different and it sends a message to those people that don’t want to be themselves just to be cool or fit in. It also make me realise how difficult it must be to be yourself. But the movie has a good message and I’m sure to follow it everyday with everyone.

  5. Derick

    Nothing has happened until now that has changed my life.The movie that impacted me more than other movies was E.T..Because this movie teaches me that nothing in this world is impossible. The movie did make me reflect on my behavior towards others. My perspective did change because some people would do anything to help others.

  6. Yes my aunt died and it made me realize that life is short and it was a big impact.

    The movie that impacted me the most was Brother Bear. It made me think about how peaple may really feal when I say somthing and it made me change my perspective.

  7. Well yes, one time when I was little, I got lost and someone tried to steal me in a car but luckily my mom found me and saved me. That made me realize that I have to be more careful with the people around me. It was something big. Of the four movies, the one that impacted me the most was Terabithia because that’s not just a movie, it happened in real life and of course it gives a wonderful message. It makes me reflect on my behavior towards others and I’m going to share this movie with others.

  8. Yes, I saw a video of animals and I guess it opened my eyes and that’s when I started caring more about animals. The video was one of the saddest things I have ever watched. It was something major, it changed my life. Brother Bear, It just surprised, so many things happen that I never thought that it was going to happen. Yes, because they were so many different points of view.

    1. I don’t really remember anything happening to me. Had something happened, I had to be small to not remember. Of the 4 movies that most strikes me is Brother Bear for its incredibly strong story. It reminded me of how society has lived with anger and revenge for millions of years. I think this film should inspire all those people who have some revenge to forgive all they consider enemies and reach peace. -Alondra

  9. Not yet, nothing has happened in my life that has changed me. The movie that impacted me the most was ”Bridge to Terabithia” because I never expect that the girl would die that fast. Now I understand why children get so sad when they don’t have someone to talk to. That movie changed my perspective.

  10. No,I see the same everything with the same light.The movie that struck me most was Brother Bear because it taught me many lessons and also pleasure. It teaches to love all nature alike. We must not mistreat animals or get carried away by appearances as when we think it’s bad and it is not. So it changed my perspective.

  11. Yes, for my first time in a retreat and I stayed with my friends. I had the experience of talking to God. Something big. Horton Hears a Who taught that because something that was very small should be cared for. It changed my perspective because it made me reflect on my behavior.

  12. Yes, one day my mom sat my brother and me down to tell us a little about all the terrible things that happened in her childhood. When she finished I started to compare my childhood with hers, and I realized that I should be greatful for all the things that she has done for me. I think it’s a big deal. The movie that impacted me the most was the Bridge to Terabithia. It did make me reflect. My perspective did change.

  13. In my childhood, people have been asking if I was in track and field, but no. Then in Santa Rosa Academy my school coach told my mom if I was interested in track and field, I said yes. He told me that there was going to be some competitions. Then I saw that I have a very good potential. A year later he tells me of a track and field club called Bayamon Club later I joined the team and demonstrated how good I am . This is who I am today. The movie that inmpacted me the most was Brother Bear. It changed my behavior and my life completely.

  14. No, I still haven’t be in anything that have change the way I see things. The movie that impact me more was Brother Bear because sometimes we think that we are always good and the reality is that sometimes we are evil for others.

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