Movies and Films Course: Criteria #4: Presentations on film summaries


Here’s the Evaluative Criteria for each of the film summaries you have to present. Remember that you will present two (see Evaluation Plan).

Review of what I said in class:

  • Slide #1: Title of presentation: Film Summary #___ by (your name): Movie title and release date
  • Slide #2: Actors, producer(s), director, writer(s), film company
  • Slide #3: Messages or issues presented in the film or other facts of interest
  • Slide #4: Video clip of movie and why you selected that clip
  • Slide #5: Conclusion (items that are relevant to you as a viewer or the public in general)

Dates for each presentation is as follows:

Film Summary #1:  September 22, 24 and 29 (Everyone should be ready by September 22)

Film Summary #2: October 5, 7, and 9 (Everyone should be ready by October 5)

You may select the dates for your presentation, if not, I will call upon students in random order.  ~~LMM


Movies to watch on a rainy day



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