The Promise: A Short Film (Assessment #5: Blog Comment #2)

This is a short film about a special family, a man and his son. The time span is three generations. Even though the film is brief, the elements in making it are interesting. Why is that?

If you were to make it a major motion picture, what details would you add? Would you change the ending? Why or why not? What other beginning would you give it? ~~LMM


This assessment is for those students who did not comment on the first one (Assessment #2: The-eye-of-the-beholder/).


12 thoughts on “The Promise: A Short Film (Assessment #5: Blog Comment #2)

  1. I think that the connection of he father with his son is very interesting and makes the movie feel happy and passionate over their lives.
    If I were to make it a movie I would apply the son’s life in school, maybe he once had a bully and his father was the only one to help and comfort him in that time. I would change the ending, because I would like to see the relationship of his father and his son. Grandpas are the best when it comes to their grandchildren. I would have given the beginning with the cause of the mothers death and go as it went.

  2. Kelvin

    I really enjoyed this little clip because with the little time it has it really impacts the message of how the Father does anything for his son no matter what.

  3. I find it interesting because of the special relationship between the father and the son.
    If I were to give it more details I would show more of how the father and the son used to live. I would change the ending because the son and the father still had a lot of years to make more good memories. I would have given it a different beginning for example with an explanation of how the mother died.

  4. Because the elements are simple like the umbrella that to some people an umbrella doesn’t mean anything but to the son and the father of the film it does. I would add what happen to the mother, and I would add a little bit more of how the umbrella was in the kid’s life. I wouldn’t change the ending because the father’s death gives the meaning to the umbrella and how the umbrella is his whole life. I would have told How the mother died or what was the mothers condition. Or I would have put in the beginning how the father and the son did after the mom died.

  5. Its interesting because it shows us what the father would do for his child and everything that he would risk just to buy his son something and the way he cares for him.

    I would add how the mother died, and also more caring and loving actions of the father, maybe their whole life how the father risked a lot of stuff for him ,maybe how the son met his wife, and different family events.
    I would change the ending because I maybe would have wanted to see the man look at his grandson and spend some time with him.
    The beginning I would give is maybe the mother with the father taking care of their son together and being there for their son when he grows up.

  6. The father bought him some shoes and an umbrella as it was raining outside and wanted to protect his son. The money did not give to the umbrella and decided to give the cashier the watch he was wearing. I would add when the child first used the shoes and know how it happened before his mother’s death. If I change the ending because the father died and he should not have happened and he could not see his grandson born or see it grow as it should be. I wish to change the beginning so that the mother had not died and that she could be his support for the parent and dear to the child.

  7. I liked this clip, because we can see how family is so important to this man and his son. The umbrella is a very important element in this film, it’s passed from generation to generation and symbolizes love and protection. If I were to make it a major picture I would add in the beginning how the mother died and how it was for them to start a new life just the two of them. I would change the ending, I wouldn’t have killed the man and obviously not on the day that the son’s wife was giving birth. I think this film has very important message. We should be grateful for the family we have, not just because we know that we’re gonna lose them one day, but because there are people in this word that don’t have one.

  8. If this were a movie I would not change nothing expresses this video much in the few minutes it takes. The love of family and emotion you must have a family is super important and God gave us the privilege of having a family to cover love and to accompany at all times. This is the value that I think is given to the umbrella. I would not change anything about this video, no matter that the ending was sad. It conveys much and calls us to value the family.

  9. I would not add anything to the story because it’s very nice and I like it. You can see how a father cares and protects his son. I think that is the purpose of the umbrella. I would not change the ending of the story because if we changed it there will no longer be a purpose to the umbrella and the message of the story. I would not add anything in the beginning although his mother was not with him, his father was there to take good care of his son.

  10. The umbrella , which was the symbol used here, I honestly would change to another that would look a little more real and significant. I prefer to change the ending because it was a cruel ending for a man who did not hurt anyone and just wanted the welfare of his child. In the start I feel fine but if you were going to make a movie from that video, it should go into more details about the life of the Lord.

  11. Angel Ramos

    This movie has a lot of messages. The shoes and the umbrella represent the love that the father had for his son. When the father died, it was the saddest part of the clip because it was the same day that his son’s baby was born and the baby never got to see his grandpa. I would add to the clip how the son’s mother died.

  12. One of the elements in the story is the umbrella among others. I would add as the mother died . Not because his father’s death gives meaning to history. I you could start another the mother was alive and died as she was throughout history.

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