A lot of ‘Hocus Pocus’

“Hocus pocus!” is an exclamation used by magicians, usually the magic words spoken when bringing about some sort of change. Do you believe in a magician’s power to bring about change?

In the movie we’re currently watching, why is the phrase used in the title?

Some people believe in the power of magic to change objects or living beings. Can a magic spell be cast upon a person?  Would you like to have that kind of power? If you did, what would you do with it? ~~LMM

Hocus pocus


12 thoughts on “A lot of ‘Hocus Pocus’

  1. I think that would not be possible , because God created us with the right to make our own decisions and do not think that can be changed.
    If the ‘ magical powers ‘ were real , and work , I think if I would like them to do things that a ‘ normal ‘ human being can not like saying “I want a glass of water ” and that the glass appears.

  2. I don’t think that magician’s have the power to change objects or things. I rather think of it as an illusion. The phrase “Hocus Pocud!” is used by the witches in the movie. I really don’t know if a person can cast a magic spell on a person, because there are a lot of strange things in this world. No, I would not like to have a power like that because it may come with a consequence.

  3. I think that having such power will come a time when you’re going to get out of control and will not use rationing. If our Creator created us so do not think that because we need magical powers, each of which has its own magical power without requiring a magic.

  4. I don’t think that a magician has all that power to make change even though they don’t exist, because our creator is God and he gave us free will to do anything or make a change in our own lives. I think the title “HOCUS POCUS” used in the movie means that they have infinite power to cast spells, and make potions or something like that. I don’t think that magic spells can be cast upon a person….. And YES I would like to have that kind of power because I think it is pretty cool, and I would probably use them for good because I would like to save the world from evil or something. 🙂 ha ha ha

  5. No changes would achieve because magic does not exist in this life I mean the story is not real. The phrase is used because it is an important phrase in the film is used to make magic in the movie . As it could not because it exists and I would like to have the power to save people who are in danger.

  6. A magician is a person who’s job or purpose is to entertain or fool people, but I thinks theres maybe more than that to these people. If I would become a magician I would do more than a normal magician would do. If I had this power to bring joy to people than thats what im going to do and only this. Its more than a purpose, its a way to live making other people happy. “Hocus Pocus” is a phrase in the movie that I think is sin the title because it would bring this same question to the people that read it and also brings curiosity. Honestly I don’t believe in magic because in theres always trick under it and I don’t think it could control another person and if it would It would be thru the power of hypnotising someone. Sure I would like to ability to blow someones mind away and confuse his or hers life forever but thats not nice. With the power of magic I would first make my life better and then be a genie and make others life better or worst.

  7. The phrase of hocus pocus is a phrase that magician’s use to do magic. You can cast a spell by being your self to gain the friendship you whant to have on other people. I would like to have that kind of power to have as many of friends as posible.

  8. I think that just as there is good there is also evil. And I believe in magic and also am aware that many people use magic for the purpose of doing evil. Not if it is possible for a person to achieve work magic on someone but I do not believe that. I would like to have the power of magic. If he could have them take care of me always to do good and help everyone who needs it.

  9. I think no,
    I think they use that phrase because they are witches, magicians and then maybe that’s why she saying that.
    I do not believe in magic but I think there are people who would do it for evil. As if I had powers would help many individuals and families never lack for anything and were well.

  10. I honestly do not believe in magic . He entertains magic but what magicians do their tricks is to deceive and delude us . The phrase used in the title of the witches used to cast spells . I do not like to have magical powers because if God did not give us was for something but if I had those powers will use them for evil did not exist and nobody is sent by something. Not like the wizards used to deceive and entreter to others.

  11. when it comes to magic i consider my self as a believer but at the same time i don’t. When i see people doing “magic” it seams so real, but when I do the research its all an illusion. The phrase used in the title is a common “magic spell”, to put it like that. When people hear the phrase “Hocus Pocus” they automatically know that they are talking about magic. I do think that a magic spell could be cast on a person. I would most certainly would love to have that kind of power but i would only use it when i really need it.

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