For Blog Post #7: Adventures in Babysitting

Elizabeth Shue

Although we haven’t finished viewing the film, I will provide the guide questions for you to begin to answer for your next post. All questions must be answered in the form of a PARAGRAPH. Please do not copy the questions in your post. Blog Post #7 is due on or before December 4th.


Some of the scenes from the movie are plausible (have some value), others maybe not so much. Which ones do you consider of value? Name at least two.

What do you think is the director’s message for the audience?

What do you think is the central goal of the film? Is it for pure entertainment? If so or not, explain your answer.

What impressed you the most about this movie? If you thought it was more or less okay, explain your viewpoint.

Roger Ebert, a movie critic, wrote a review of this movie.  He thought that the best scene was when Shue (the babysitter) and the three kids stumble onto the stage of a nightclub. Do you agree? Why or why not?

Ebert also stated that Adventures in Babysitting seemed “littered with unrealized possibilities. The movie has good raw material, but it never really was pulled together into something I could care about much.”  Do you agree with his opinion? Why or why not? ~~LMM



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