The Role of the Movie Director

Movie Director

Your next presentation (#4) or Report #2 is on a film director.  Check out my List of Film Directors so you can get an idea of who’s out there in the film industry. I decided on 44 of the hundreds of directors available. The evaluative criteria will be posted at a later date. Draft of presentation should be submitted on or before December 8th. Ideas to consider for the presentation are similar to the ones you presented for the movie actor.  Check them out:

  • Biographical facts with photos;
  • film and television credits;
  • favorite actors (or least favorite) to work with;
  • comments from people who have worked with him (or her);
  • clip of most known film;
  • box office successes or failures and revenue earned or lost;
  • awards or honorable mentions;
  • other ventures; and
  • sources of information.


About the role of the movie director in film making:  Do we really have an idea of what a movie director does? Read the following article and imagine yourself in the role of a director.  Do you think you have the necessary skills?  Is being an actor easier or just different? You decide. ~~LMM

What does a film director do and what skills are required?

A director is the main creative force behind films (whether they be commercial, documentary, educational, etc.) and is responsible for making many of the creative decisions. Essentially, a director is the head of the production unit — a crucial link between the production, technical and creative teams — responsible for translating the script into cinematic images.

It’s an incredibly demanding job and one that requires creative vision, strong leadership and the ability to be a consummate storyteller. As such, the director must visualize and define the style and structure of the film and then bring this vision to reality.

A director’s main duties include casting, editing scripts and composing, selecting and editing shots. Directors must also be aware of the constraints of budget and schedule. Ultimately, directors are responsible for the artistic and commercial success or failure of a film or television show.

Aside from possessing creative vision, directors must also understand the entire film-making process, which includes technical know-how. Attention to detail, the ability to remain calm and rational under pressure and be a strong leader as well as a team player are key skills for this job.

Since there is so much responsibility involved with the job of being a director, it requires the ability to know when and what to delegate to others. Many times that’s where the assistant director comes in.




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