Action-Packed Movies with Amazing Stunts

Tom Cruise in Rogue Nation

Over the holidays we usually like to watch movies, whether at home or at the theater. One that I recently viewed was Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. I loved the story-plot with all its twists and turns! The stunts were incredible! Which brings me to something I’ve always admired in some movie actors and directors: their desire in thrilling the audience with stunts that elicit excitement and tension in the viewer.

The stunt scenes in Tom Cruise’s latest film kept me on the edge of my seat. It had the classic car-chase scene under unusual circumstances: very narrow streets and numerous obstacles, including pedestrians.  A motor cycle chase driven on death-defying curved roads was a heart stopper.  An underwater sequence filmed in a closed environment (a vortex) and to top it all, an aerial scene using the A400m Airbus. What’s really amazing is the fact that Tom Cruise did not shy away from performing the stunts himself!

Cruise trained for the underwater sequence in the vortex by practicing his ability to hold his breath. He got it to 6 minutes! Could you hold your breath for even 3? He drove the car during the car chase. Cruise is known for handling race cars as he did in Days of Thunder (a 1990 American auto-racing film).  And the scene with the A400m Airbus took 8 shots because he wanted to get it just right!

I’ve got to hand it to actors such as Tom Cruise and directors like Christopher McQuarrie. It takes guts and a little bit of craziness to pull off these kinds of scenes for the benefit of an audience who attends a movie theater to experience thrills and chills! I thoroughly enjoyed the film and highly recommend it! ~~LMM



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