Guide Questions for Blog Post #9

Scene from Little Boy

Use the following text as a guide for blog post #9:

Little Boy takes place in the past. Many issues are presented which continue to affect us today. Which ones do you consider are still very serious? Explain.

Little Boy (Pepper) has a list of things to do in order to try to get his father back safely.  Of the items on the list, which was the most difficult for him? Which was the easiest? Explain.

Which would you find the most difficult and which the easiest? Why?

Why are some things difficult for some people to do when dealing with others? Do our prejudices influence in anyway? How?

Pepper’s brother, London, has a lot of difficulty with other people, especially those who are different. Does he change? How and when?

The movie has symbols which represent ideas and beliefs. These are some: (1) the mustard seed, (2) the list, (3) the boots. What do you think each symbolizes? Are there any others in the movie? If so, what are they and what do they represent?

Please post your answers in the form of a paragraph. I should see your post by Saturday, January 23rd.~~LMM


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