Popeye: The Musical Comedy — Guide for Blog Post #10

Popeye the Movie

The story of Popeye the sailor man, the character from the comic strip, is brought to life through music and comedy. For me, it’s a cult classic. I love the music and how it’s weaved into the story.  All the songs are catchy. My favorites? The town’s anthem, “Sweethaven,” “Everything is Food” and Olive’s song about Bluto…”He’s large.” Which is your favorite and why?

I was impressed with the scenery. The movie was filmed on location in Malta (see map). I thought it was perfect and made me want to visit it personally. How about you?


What was your favorite part and how did it make you feel?

Check out Roger Ebert’s review of the film who also wrote a review of the movie Adventures in Babysitting, remember?


Of this review, what does he write about the movie that impressed you. Why?  I mentioned that the baby (Sweet Pea) was related to someone involved in the film. Who was it?

Check the evaluation plan for the due date of this post.~~LMM


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