Presentation #6: Report #4

Music and Movies

The topic for Report #4 will be about music in the movies. I’m sure you have your favorites. The evaluative criteria is basically the same but this time I will let you select the content.

You can select one or two topics from the following list:

  • the biography of a person who is famous for his (or her) movie scores;
  • how songs are selected for a movie;
  • music that reminds us of famous scenes from the movies;
  • music that has been composed for a particular movie;
  • singers who have become famous because of his or her participation in a movie;
  • songs from a movie that became hits even though the movie was unsuccessful;
  • music that sets a particular mood in a movie;
  • music that when we listen to it, we quickly can identify the movie; (This can even be a guessing game!);
  • movie companies that are known for their musicals;
  • the making of a musical film;
  • actors and their views on performing in musical films;
  • other related topics (please consult me).


Your report should involve more than 3 films (excepting item #4 from the list, which is limited to only one). You will include at least 2 or 3 video clips from the movies you’ve chosen with your views on the music used. I hope this will be a fun report for you! ~~LMM


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