Blog Post #12: Inkheart- Books, Books and More Books!


The movie Inkheart takes me back to my childhood when I first began enjoying the wonderful world of books and how they could take me to different scenarios. In this day of electronic content sometimes it’s good to hold a real book in your hands! How do you feel about that? Do you think that a reader travels in time and space when reading about different adventures of real or imaginary people? When I read, I usually put myself in the main character’s shoes. I can feel her happiness and her sadness. I cheer her on or get mad at her for doing silly things. Do you do that, too?  When you really feel empathy for a character that’s a sign of good writing. The author has the ability to draw the reader into the plot. Have you read something lately that has made you feel that way? What was it? Was it an adventure, a mystery or a romance story?  Movies do that too, of course. But nothing compares to a good hard copy or paperback book.

The film Inkheart is all about books and how they can change lives.  Even though it’s fantasy, how far from the truth do you think it is? Can reading a book change the life of person? If so, in what way? If not, why not?

Your Blog Post #12 is due on or before March 4th. ~~LMM


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