Evaluation Plan for 4th trimester posted!

Sci-fi image

Check out the page where you will find the evaluation plan for the 4th trimester which we discussed in the previous class.

Keep in mind the bonus assessment from my blog lmmolina97@edublogs.org. All comments must be received before March 17th.

The STeM Week assessment may be related to Star Wars or any other science fiction film. This work may be a review of the recent Star Wars film, photos or images related to science fiction movies and your comments on them. You may also write about special effects in these movies and your impression of them. Another possible topic: actors or directors who have become famous through these types of films. It must be published on a separate page of your blog with the following title: Assessment #21: STeM Week. Please write to me (or leave a comment here) if you have any questions on the work.

Remember to always revise your work before publishing. “May the force be with you” during this last trimester of the school year! ~~LMM



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