Guide for Blog Post #13: Ridley Scott’s Sci-fi Horror “Alien”

 Alien the movie

When you think about science fiction what comes to mind are spaceships and all sorts of tech gadgets. When you add aliens to the mix then we have the element of horror.
The movie Alien falls into the category of sci-fi horror. What makes this particular film stand out is its dark atmosphere aboard a cargo spaceship . This, of course, contributes to the suspense. As in other movies of this genre the viewer can sense that something evil will happen at every turn. That’s the director’s main goal: to instill fear in the viewer. Do you agree?

Can you name some films that have achieved that goal? Which ones stood out? Do you think the director did a good job? What special effects were used? How creative were they? Were they computer-generated? How did these effects contribute to the mood of the film? Were they effective? Explain.

Films dealing with horror attract a certain kind of person. Some people love to be scared by horror films. Why do you think that is? Do you know anyone who loves to be frightened by these kinds of movies?

Are you in for a good scare? ~~LMM



2 thoughts on “Guide for Blog Post #13: Ridley Scott’s Sci-fi Horror “Alien”

  1. Alien is, in my opinion, the greatest film ever made.
    For the time, 1979, it had fantastic special effects…in fact, it likely has better, more believable special effects, than what is produced today. Beyond the incredible specials effects I think the greatest thing about Alien is how it transcends so many genres. It is sci-fi, action, and horror. It is a powerful character piece and is the firm film I ever saw that really gave me night terrors. Jaws was scary, yes, but it was only scary when I went into the water which is not all that often. Alien was scary whenever I was in the dark and whenever I went to sleep.

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