Original Video Project: What is a movie trailer?

The following preview

Presentation #7 will deal with an original video project. One of the items that this project will include is a trailer. Although, you will not produce a film, you will pretend that you have and you want to promote it. A trailer should have a least 3 parts (or acts). The first part will introduce the characters and setting. The second will establish a conflict or conflicts. The third will intensify those conflicts without resolving any of the issues presented.

The following section is taken from the website filmmakermagazine.com You may check it out to get more information for your trailer. Your movie trailer should be between 2 and 2 1/2 minutes in length. The ideal length is 2 minutes.


Trailers have their own internal logic and should function separately from the movie they are promoting. If cut well, a trailer can be something you want to watch again and again. But (of course!) it should also make you want to see more.

In most cases, unfortunately, people may only ever see the trailer. That’s why trailers should never resolve anything. If a trailer gives too much away, then viewers might feel like they’ve already seen the whole movie and don’t need to look at the film. Always leave them wanting more. A trailer, cut well, needs to arouse, provoke, seduce and beguile. These are romantic adjectives, which is the point; you need to make viewers fall in love with your film even before they have seen it. Again, trailers are about promise and possibility. They have to tap into irrational and emotional impulses. They have to invoke a sense of want and need. To paraphrase Shakespeare by way of John Huston, they are the stuff that dreams are made of.


For more information on Presentation #7 click here.  I’ll be updating this page periodically, so be sure to check it frequently. Happy filming! ~~LMM


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