Movies and Film Course 2015-2016: Last day of class


The last day of class always brings about mixed emotions. I’ve enjoyed teaching this course and hope the students enjoyed taking it. I think I got more out of it than they did! I just hope they took away something useful, too. When they go to a movie theater the next time, they will probably watch the selected movie in a different light. The idea is that they will analyze it, see its merits and flaws and enjoy it at the same time.  Anyway, that was my aim in the course.  Did I achieve it? We’ll see.

I saw movies with this group that I had already seen before but this time through their perspective. It was an enlightening experience which I will treasure always. I sincerely hope they will also hold this year fondly in their hearts.

Thank you, dear students for being patient and trusting! May your high school experience from now on be the best! ~~LMMolina


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