2016-2017 Guide for Presentation #3: Life and Work of a Movie Actor



Movies and Films Students:

Here are some suggestions that may guide you in this presentation:


When was he/she born?

Who are the parents? Sisters? Brothers?

Any interesting childhood experiences?

Did she or he marry and to whom? Any children?

Film/TV Career:

Names of known films or TV programs

Commercial appearances if any where he appeared (TV ads or promotions)

Theater and Stage:

Titles of plays where he may have started out as an actor or any other related job.

Awards or Mentions:

Did he or she win any awards for a particular performance?


Choose at least five at different stages of the career.

Video clip:

Select a clip from a scene where he or she displays extraordinary work as an actor. (Maybe an award-winning performance)

Other ventures:

Is he or she involved in a business, charity work, group or organization? What is it? What does it involve? What is his role?

Here’s the Evaluative criteria I will use for this presentation.  Check out the post with a list of possible choices. ~~LMM


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