Guide to Movie Review #8: “The Princess Bride”


Rob Reiner did an excellent job of mixing elements of fairy tales in The Princess Bride.  Can you spot some of them? Of those elements in the story which do you think attracted the sick grandson the most? Which did he not like at first? What do you think made him change his mind?

One thing that kept the lovers going was the idea of “true love.”  At one point, Westley says that even death cannot stop true love. Do you agree? What in your opinion is the real meaning of true love?  Keep in mind that it does not have to be between lovers. It can be between a mother or father and a child, a grandparent and the grandchild, and among friends. How did the director develop this idea of true love throughout the film? Was it consistant throughtout the entire film?

What other ideas did the director bring to the film?

This review should be posted no later than November 15th.  ~~LMMolina


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