About the film Popeye and the popular comic strip character

Movies & Films students:


This movie is based on the classic comic strip “Popeye.” It’s a musical comedy and the song lyrics provides additional information about the town and its characters.

Check out the Popeye film review by Roger Ebert (January 1, 1980) which you may use as a guide for Movie Review #13.

Here’s another Popeye movie review by Eric Henderson.  (June 19, 2013).

Between the two movie reviews, which one do you think is the more favorable?

After we watch the film you may want to point out those parts of either of the reviews that you’re in agreement (or disagreement) with and your reasoning. Whether you give the movie a good or bad review, your opinion must be supported by evidence.

Check out this excerpt for some cultural facts about this popular comic strip character:

Popeye – An Illustrated Cultural History, 2d ed. – Fred M. Grandinetti

Skim through the text and select a few that interest you to include in your review of the film. ~~LMM



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