A reflection on “Movie & Films”-What is your opinion?

At the movie theater

Eleventh grade section:

Just one more class session and we are done for the school year! For my professional growth, I want to know what you learned from the course during the year. Which was your favorite movie and why? If you were to recommend this course to any of your friends in your grade or any other grade, what would you tell them?

Of all the slideshows presented in class, which was your favorite and why? It could be one of yours or one presented by another classmate.

Keeping in mind the course description, (see Course syllabus for movies and films), what other activities could be added?

You may leave your comments below or add them to a new post on your blog. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!! ~~LMMolina


2 thoughts on “A reflection on “Movie & Films”-What is your opinion?

  1. I mean the class gave what it promised, Movies and Films. It did help enforce my English language, I’m not sure about the other people. It was fun watching different types of movies, not just everything that’s coming nowadays. The class was fun and simple, I don’t regret taking it. See you next year. 😛

    -Gabriel Torres

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