Active or Passive? You decide!

In our 10th-grade Advanced English class we’ve been working with voice as regards to grammar. Is this important? Maybe. Why? Well, basically for stylistic purposes we use the passive voice. Variety is the spice of life. Right? When the receiver of the action is important we might use the passive voice.

Active voice: “The Academy of Arts and Entertainment awarded Julia Roberts the Oscar for best actress.”

We want  Julia the receiver of the action to have more importance so we’ll say instead “Julia Roberts received the Oscar for best actress from the Academy of Arts and Entertainment” (passive voice).

Here’s a little more practice:

Convert each sentence from active to passive or from passive to active.

  1.  People can view the dazzling meteor shower from the observation tower at the planetarium.
  2. The acceptance letter from Harvard was received by Jenny Arteaga last Tuesday.

Be sure to check out the presentation on this material on my EduBlog at (You’ll need the password to log on to this blog.)

Enjoy your day! ~~ LMMolina


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