2017-2018: A Challenging First Semester

If there’s one thing about the beginning of this school year, we can’t say we didn’t experience it! We did and to the fullest! Classes were impacted by two storms but we were able to recover lost time. Whether we liked it or not, we moved on. Some are still struggling with the physical issues of lack of power and at times, water. Studying by the light of the silver moon and a flashlight was not and (still may not be for some) easy. Makes you think of our forefathers when going to school to learn was a real challenge, both physically and mentally!

When I look back on the first semester and my experience with the 10th grade English course, I declare that it was a task that I found emotionally and physically exhausting! I’m proud of my students and their ability to continue and push on with their learning. I know that’s what kept me going! I didn’t want to disappoint them. Together we shouldered our burden and stuck to the fight!

During the second trimester when we began the unit on poetry, I believe that most of the poetry was inspired by the storms.  Was it the heat, the lack of power, the extended school schedule? They say that most writers and artists must suffer in order to produce their best work. Hum, I wonder. There’s probably some truth to that.  Whatever it may be, I’ll probably observe some outstanding work next semester.  Here’s to an excellent 2nd semester and a wonderful year 2018 for all of us! ~~LMMolina





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