Content for Second Semester 2015-2016: An overview

If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story. ~~ Orson Welles

What are we doing during the 2nd semester of the Movies and Films Course? Keeping in mind that some of this is subject to change, the content is as follows:

  1. Movie Quotes and video clips will continue to be posted on the  individual blogs. Third Trimester: Items #9 thru #12; Fourth Trimester: Items #13 thru #16
  2. Students’ blog posts will be related to the movies we’ll watch during this semester. If time permits, approximately 10 films will be viewed which will be announced as they are shown.
  3. Presentations will also continue. Topics: novels or short stories adapted into films, music in the movies and possibly a summary of the course. The latter will be for the fourth trimester.
  4. Students will produce critiques on at least two films. These will probably be included in the assessment criterion.
  5. A mini video project will be due for the fourth trimester.

Best wishes for a successful second semester! ~~LMM

Note: The Evaluation Plan for the Third Trimester has been posted. Check out the related page.

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Movies in 2014