Presentation #7: Original Video Project

Movie time

As a final project for the course, you will present an original video project.  This presentation will consist of 5 parts with a value of 20 points each for a total of 100 points.

The 5 sections of the slideshow are as follows:

  1. A synopsis of the movie (video) you will produce.  A synopsis is a brief summary of the plot. It should consist of no more that 15 to 20 sentences (3 paragraphs in length). This will be submitted via Google Drive. It will not be in the slideshow (you will present it orally). Just like the trailer, the synopsis will not give away the ending!
  2. A storyboard consisting of at least 5 panels of the main scenes of the film. Only stick figures will be permitted (no cut outs from magazines or newspapers or other print media.) Artistic talent will not be taken into account for the point value, just the content and how you transmit it.
  3. A 2 to 2/12 minute video (trailer). The video should include dialogue or narration and some music. Refer to the post.
  4. A movie poster to promote your film. The poster may be handcrafted or prepared digitally. Either form must be on the slideshow. (See information further down the page).
  5. A slideshow of the project which will have visuals of your characters, setting, the storyboard, the trailer. The slideshow may have between 7 to 12 slides depending on how you insert your storyboard. In the final slide you will include the credits: your sources, names of classmates or other persons who “acted” in your video, time, date, and setting.

In order to guide you through this process, you must submit your synopsis and storyboard by April 8th.

I will include an evaluation guide so you have an idea of what I expect from you if you want to achieve the full 20 points for each section. Check this page for updates.~~LMM


For creating a movie poster, you can use Microsoft Publisher or Word. Google has an app called Google Drawing. You might want to try that out, as well as other programs which can be used including one called Canva (free, of course). Check out the website:


Check out the following documents:

 Slideshow on creating a storyboard and preparing a synopsis.

Rubric for evaluating Presentation #7.