Final Exam Content Outline for May 2018

For the English 10 Advanced Level students taking the final test of the semester:

Outline in pdf format: Final Exam Content Outline May 2018

Check out these additional details:

Skill: Drawing conclusions

Sample Item:

Julio and his father had been looking forward to their fishing trip for weeks. They didn’t take much food with them on the trip. When they started fishing they were quickly approached by a forest ranger. He asked Julio’s father if he had a fishing license. Julio’s father reached into his wallet and suddenly got a terrified look on his face. Julio was disappointed that night as he ate dinner.

Which of the following is a conclusion that can be drawn about the text?

a. Julio was disappointed at dinner because he was hoping to have fish for dinner.
b. Julio’s mother doesn’t like fish
c. It takes a long time to catch fish
d. Julio’s father is a better fisherman than Julio

Skill: Identifying pronouns / Pronoun-antecedent agreement

Sample Items:

1.  Determine whether the use of the pronoun in the sentence is correct by writing YES or NO in the space provided.   _______ What are them?

2. Select the correct pronoun from the parenthesis.  Did you or (I, me) close the door?

3. Select the correct form of the verb in parenthesis: Anyone with large boxes (goes, go) through the back door.

Punctuation : Identifying correct use of colons, semicolons, commas, and other punctuation marks.

Sample Items:

Identify the sentence that is correctly punctuated by writing CORRECT in the space provided. If it is not correct, punctuate accordingly.

1. _______  All the birds, bees, and flowers in the garden signaled that Spring had arrived.

2. _______ After we had eaten the students went home.


Best of luck to all!! ~~~LMMolina


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