Welcome to my second home!



Hello fellow learners!

Welcome aboard my English class transport vehicle to adventure!  It’s a trip that I hope you will enjoy.  We travel to a variety of places that offer the opportunity to think, dream and laugh in the English language!  Happy journey!

I’ve designed this website to provide you students at CBCMR with all the content that will be used in my English courses. You will be working with material in digital format. Texts and documents will be posted on this website or my blog at http://lmmolina97.edublogs.org/.  I hope that all materials used will enhance the learning process and make the courses an enjoyable experience for all.

The following standards will be emphasized throughout the school year:

  • Listening: Building on others’ ideas for knowledge   
  • Speaking: Adaptable communication and collaboration
  • Reading: Text complexity and the growth of comprehension
  • Writing: Text styles, responding to reading, and research
  • Language: Conventions, applicable and effective use, and vocabulary